Arts and Aging Day Canada

September 24, 2020

Join us on September 24, 2020 as we celebrate Arts and Aging Day Canada – a day devoted to highlighting arts-based activities for older adults across the sector. 

We invite you to share your organization’s arts activities, creations and experiences through social media. From choirs to poetry, visual arts to dance, we want to highlight all the ways the arts are engaging and supporting Canadian older adults, both in-person, and virtually. This day is a great opportunity for you to learn from colleagues across the country and find new ideas to bring back to your own workplace.

Inspired by the work of Arts in Care Homes in the UK, Arts and Aging Day Canada aims to use social media to highlight the amazing work being done in long-term care homes, retirement communities, seniors centres, and community organizations across the country. This day is a chance to promote the positive effects of arts based activities, learn more about what different organizations are doing, and create nation-wide connections in the field of arts, health, and aging. 

Getting involved is easy! 

Step 1: Take a photo, write a blog post or make a video of an arts-based activity or creation. Do this ahead of time or on the day, make it as simple or as detailed as you want, whatever is easier for you!

Step 2: Write a social media post and add the hashtag #ArtsandAgingCA. 

Step 3: Share the post on social media on September 24, 2020!

Step 4: Follow #ArtsandAgingCA and get inspired by the incredible work happening across Canada that brings the arts to older adults.

Looking for more support and ways to get involved? Check out our toolkit with tips, example posts and other resources to help you get started: Arts and Aging Day Canada Toolkit

Follow #ArtsandAgingCA on Twitter and get connected with older adults and organizations working to promote the arts in Canada. 

Arts and Aging Day Canada is presented by Kate Dupuis, Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging at the Research Institute for Aging and the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research and supported by the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging and the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research

Dementiability Colouring Pages

Looking for inspiration for your Arts and Aging Day activity? Dementiability has provided free, downloadable colouring sheets that can be used to get you started. See the links below to download.

Dorothy Colouring Page, Labrador Colouring Page, Tulips Colouring Page, Diamond Colouring Page

Arts and Aging Day Champions

Thank you to our Arts and Aging Day Champions, organizations and arts-minded individuals who shared their projects and activities with us to inspire others to get involved.

The team from the Alzheimer’s Society of Chatham-Kent and Erie St Clair Behavioural Supports in Chatham-Kent Ontario connected with their partners across their community to share about Arts and Aging Day Canada and provided suggestions and tips on how to participate. Their partners at Fairfield Park Long-Term Care Home in Wallaceburg and Fiddick’s Nursing Home in Petrolia began their creative projects early to share on Arts and Aging Day.Residents at Fiarfield Park in Wallaceburg ON Paint a Barn QuiltA resident at Fiddick's in Petrolia shows off a fall craftArt work of paper fish made by residents


The McCormick Care Group in London Ontario created several videos to highlight the arts-based activities across their organization. From videos on Art Therapy in their long-term care home to sharing stories about their recreation team offering a variety of arts activities to participants at their dementia day program, the McCormick group showcased a wide range of arts activities for older adults in their care.

Courtney Addison, a Master’s student at the University of Manitoba, has been spreading the word about Arts and Aging Day Canada in her networks. Addison’s research looks into understanding how, when and why music therapy may help improve movement performance in people living with dementia. She shares with us: “Through my artwork, I dedicate everything to my grandfather who was and will always be my number one fan. Because of him, I will continue to shoot for the stars striving to be more every day. The Arts & Aging Canada event is an opportunity for me to honour him through my creativity and to constantly be a voice in the dementia community, bringing joy to so many in the best way possible.”

Pioneer Ridge Long-Term Care home in Thunder Bay Ontario is looking forward to learning what other organizations are doing to help with their residents’ psychosocial wellbeing. The residents and team members are excited to show off the positive effects of art-based activities on our health and well-being, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Judy Walters, Therapeutic Recreationist at Pioneer Ridge, shares that “…Arts and Aging Day has created a sense of excitement in our building and residents are looking forward to watching the social media that day.”

A resident showing off their fall artwork

A resident and a team member dancing

A resident and a team member potting a tree

Webinar Recording

Want to learn more about getting involved? On July 22, Kate Dupuis presented on Arts and Aging Day Canada via webinar. The recording is below, please note that there were some technical issues when recording.