The Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA) is a charitable foundation dedicated to enhancing care and quality of life for older adults.

We drive innovation to tackle the biggest issues facing an aging population.

Our goal is to change the way we age in Canada

We know an aging population presents a number of challenges, but we see the opportunity to innovate – to improve care practices, health care services, training and education for the senior living sector, and ultimately change the way we age in Canada.

The RIA supports research and explores aging across various topics. Our team of world-class researchers is finding the solutions we need.

But we take research one step further. We mobilize it. We use research findings to create and improve resources, programs, education and training, practices and policies. Then we share what works.

The result is better care and enhanced quality of life for older adults.

Our Vision

A world where research is driving innovation to enrich the journey of aging

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life and care of older adults through partnerships in research, education and practice.

Our Values

Excellence, Relevance, Collaboration, Transparency, Inclusion

Our approach is to connect research to the real world

We tackle the biggest issues facing an aging population by investing in knowledge mobilization, or simply put, connecting research to the real world. The impact of research can take decades to realize, but the RIA’s unique approach enables research to be applied in real-time in real-life settings. This sets us apart from other research institutes.

Through collaboration, we drive practical research and apply the learnings in the real world. Research questions are shaped by the realities and needs of older adults, care partners, health professionals, educators and industry. They are integral partners in the research process. Then we work together, to use what we’ve learned and develop resources, programs, education and training to influence practice and policy.

Ultimately, we drive innovation. We find solutions that truly work and share them to benefit older adults everywhere.

Our approach to innovation includes three phases:

  • Incubation: Discovering and developing new ways of doing things
  • Acceleration: Trialling innovations in additional or new settings to understand how and why they work
  • Mobilization: Sharing what is learned to benefit older adults everywhere

Our success is possible because of strategic collaborations and partnerships and a unique-in-the-world infrastructure.

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