Are you interested in participating in research at the RIA? Check out the projects below for available opportunities.

By Us For Us Guide – Share your Experience: If you are living with dementia or are a care partner, the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program and Behavioural Supports Ontario would like to invite you to share your experience of social isolation. We will use your experience to create a new By Us For Us© guide – a resource created by people living with dementia and care partners that provides information about wellbeing and managing daily challenges. There are many different ways to get involved. Participants are needed for 30-minute phone interviews, a 90-minute virtual focus group, and an online survey. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

DIReCT Survey on Mealtimes in LTC: The Dining in Residential Care Team, lead by our Research Chair in Nutrition and Aging Heather Keller, is looking for survey participants for an online study on nutrition and mealtime experience in long-term care. The survey covers questions about current dining practices and changes with COVID-19, how relationship-centred care is expressed at mealtimes and training preferences for team members. The research team is interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in food and dining in long-term care. This could include: dietitians, food service managers, nurses, directors of care, recreation staff, and/or speech-language pathologists. Learn more and get involved here.

Pandemic Arts Engagement: Our Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging, Kate Dupuis, is looking for participants aged 55+ to complete a new survey about how older Canadians are engaging with the arts during the current pandemic. Complete this 15-20 minute survey here.

Understanding Adverse Event Reporting in Resistance Training Studies: Have you experienced pain, discomfort, or injury as a result of strength training? Do you have diabetes, cancer, or a condition that affects your bones, joints, heart, lungs or mental health? Lora Giangregorio, our Research Chair in Mobility and Aging, and the Bone Health and Exercise Science Lab at the University of Waterloo would like to hear from you. The team is looking to interview participants and study harmful events that occur during strength training studies. For more information click here or contact

Effects of COVID-19 on persons living with dementia: Researchers at the University of Waterloo, led by RIA Research Chairs Carrie McAiney and Jen Boger, want to understand how COVID-19 is affecting the daily lives and social connections of persons living with dementia and family/friend caregivers. Are you a person living with dementia in the community or a family/friend caregiver of a person with dementia living in the community or in long-term care or retirement home? Share your experiences by completing a 15-minute survey or participate in an interview. Click here for more information.