(Fictional Profile)

Age: In grade nine at school, so probably 14

Book Title, Author, Publisher & Year of Publication: The Yo-Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing, published by Orca Book Publishers in 2011

How long have you been a Young Carer?

Only a few months.

Who do you care for and how? Since my mom died and my dad has been on the road, it’s just been my Gran and me. A few months ago she started losing her memory and has been sick, so I try and stop others from taking advantage of her. I also take her to doctor appointments, cook for her sometimes and found a new home for us to live in when we had to leave our apartment.

How has being a Young Carer affected your life? Gran is the most important person in my life. When I asked her to find her own way home after a doctor appointment because I had a yo-yo show scheduled, I felt incredibly guilty about leaving her like that, especially when I came home and found her collapsed on the stairs. It felt like it was all my fault. While I have some help from adult friends who used to work for Gran, I still feel she is my responsibility and I need to take care of her as best I can.

What is your favourite activity? In my free time I love to yo-yo. I perform my yo-yo tricks on street corners but also at a games and hobbies store where I teach kids and adults how to do tricks.