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Save the Date: May 26-27, 2022

Mark your calendars and plan to join us in Calgary, Alberta on May 26-27, 2022.

We had originally planned to hold the conference in April 2021, but COVID-19 caused us to pause and rethink our plans, as it did for many. We have decided to postpone in hopes that by May 2022 we can all gather together safely.


Rethinking senior Living: A new vision for family care partners

Thanks to everyone who joined the latest Walk with Me webinar on April 13. There was great discussion on the importance of family care partners in senior living and many wonderful resources shared.

Thanks to our fantastic panel for sharing their insights and resources.

Couldn’t make it? Watch the recording today!

What is Walk with Me?

Walk with Me is a national conference aimed at changing the culture of aging in Canada.

Older adults/residents, care partners, educators, policy makers, students and researchers from all over the country come together to learn with and from each other about how to enhance the journey of aging across the continuum of care and community living.

What is culture change?

Culture change is an ongoing, holistic journey that includes re-examining values, beliefs, attitudes, language, practices and policies and working to implement the full range of efforts needed to transform the culture into a community where everyone thrives.

In Canada, we envision a culture of aging where:

  • the personhood of each individual is honoured;
  • each person is the primary authority of his or her life and personal choices are respected and supported;
  • the focus is on living life to the fullest;
  • accessible and enabling environments support continued engagement and connections in community;
  • the body, mind and spirit of each person are nourished;
  • close relationships and authentic partnerships involving collaborative decision-making are at the core of compassionate communities; and
  • all care partners have the knowledge and information, skills, resources, authority and accountability to provide respectful, flexible and life-affirming care and support.

Who should attend?

If you are passionate about fostering healthy communities where aging is celebrated and person-centred care is the norm, be sure to attend this event. Delegates typically include older adults and care partners, individuals working in long-term care, retirement living, home care, researchers and policy makers.

What will be on the conference program?

  • This conference will inspire delegates with forward-thinking ideas and provide practical strategies, tools and resources that can be used in day-to-day life. 
  • The program will engage delegates and presenters of all ages to explore and experience aging through a range of formats including powerful keynotes, interactive concurrent sessions, panel presentations, and creative expressions (e.g., performing arts, photography, art installations).

November 3rd 2020 Livestream Event

Thank you to everyone who joined the livestream event Connecting in COVID: Rethink and reprogram leisure in senior living hosted in partnership with the Eden Alternative. The recording is now available on the RIA’s Youtube channel. Watch for insights on how infection control during a pandemic can support culture change efforts and information on a new resource to shift the programming mindset and promote spontaneous leisure.

Thank you to Schlegel Villages for sponsoring this livestream event

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