Aging as a Natural Monastery

November 15, 2018

Each year, the RIA in partnership with Conrad Grebel University College hosts a Spirituality and Aging Seminar. This year, two events are planned. The event featured below is for older adults interested in exploring spirituality.

Aging as a Natural Monastery: Spirituality in Later Life

4:00PM presentation, 5:00PM light supper
Steinmann Mennonite Church
1316 Snyder’s Rd W, Baden, ON N3A 3K8

Despite prevailing perceptions of aging as a matter of inevitable decline, the challenges and changes that come with it can be experienced as nature’s way of nudging us into the adventure of truly growing old (vs just getting old)—growing in insight, understanding, and compassion.This presentation will consider the many respects in which aging is an inherently spiritual process—not religious necessarily, but spiritual (broadly defined).

Registration Fee:

$20 (paid in cash at the door)

To Register:

Contact Steinmann Mennonite Church at or (519) 634-8311 by Friday, November 9 to reserve your spot.

To Learn More:

Visit Conrad Gebel’s website.