Ask Our Researchers: The Arts, Spirituality and Aging

January 21, 2021 - February 5, 2021

What have you always wanted to know about the arts and aging or spirituality and aging? Now is your chance to ask! RIA research specialists Kate Dupuis, Schlegel Innovation Leader in Arts and Aging, and Jane Kuepfer, Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging, will answer questions from older adults about their research topics in an upcoming video series.

How do I submit questions?

Submitting questions for our researchers is easy. Simply click here and submit your questions in the form before February 5th, 2021.

You will be asked to enter your first name and the city where you live when you submit a question.

When will the videos be released?

This series of videos will be released on the RIA’s Youtube Channel, starting in late February 2021. To get up-to-date information about this series and when new videos are released, sign up for our e-Newletter here.

What types of questions should I ask?

You can ask anything you want to know about the arts or spirituality and aging that come to mind. Here are some examples that might help:

  • How is spirituality different than religion?
  • How does spirituality support healthy aging?
  • Does creating art have an effect on healthy aging?
  • What are the best ways to stay creative as we age?

Click here to submit questions.