Culture Change Exchange

January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017

Culture Change Exchanges are interactive events to educate, support and inspire individuals and organizations to shift away from institutional, medical models of care toward social models that embrace living. These events were hosted in partnership with the Ontario Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term care at the RIA.

Presentations Archive:

Presentations from past events were recorded and can be accessed on the RIA YouTube channel. See below for a summary of the presentation topics.


Culture Change Exchange March 2017

  • Relationships in Long-Term Care – Daniella Greenwood, Arcare
  • Dementia & Sensory Changes – Agnes Houston, Fellow & Dementia Advocate
  • Pugs Not Drugs The Sequel – Kami Johnson & Cathy Hu, Lakeland & Pinehaven
  • Our Willed Future – Pamela Kulas, Victoria Manor
  • Taking Flight – Cathie Schalk & Chartwell Travelling Road Show
  • Balancing Autonomy & Risk A Relational Approach – Dr. Al Power, RIA
  • Discovering Our Best – Carrie McAiney & Sherry Dupuis, PiDC Alliance


Culture Change Exchange December 2016

  • Culture Change Leadership & First Steps – Dr. Al Power, RIA
  • CBTM Our Journey to Changing Our Culture – Jo-Anne & Kim, St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  • Colour It Your Way – Lynne Johnson & Pat Morden, Grey County & StoneHill Farm
  • LTC eLearning Module Series – Marie-Pierre Dionne, Bruyère Continuing Care
  • Promote Resident Empowerment – David, Sami, & Denis, Village of Erin Meadows
  • Dawning Culture Change – Carrie McAiney & Sherry Dupuis, PiDC Alliance
  • Ordinary & Extraordinary Teams in LTC – Veronique Boscart, Conestoga College
  • Sienna Volunteer Initiative & the Resident Voice – Kelly Seow, Sienna Senior Living
  • Pugs Not Drugs Reduction of Antipsychotics – Kami, Jill, & Cindy, Lakeland & Pinehaven


Culture Change Exchange May 2016

  • Building a Solid Foundation for Culture Change – Josie d’Avernas, Susan Brown, Hilary Dunn-Ridgeway, RIA; Christy Parsons, Schlegel Villages
  • Team Training with a Focus on Mealtimes – Heather Keller, RIA
  • Engaging LTC Physicians Panelists – Dr George Heckman, RIA
  • Ontario LTC Sector Perspectives – Marg Lambert, OANHSS; Michelle Grouchy, OLTCA
  • Team Training with a Focus on Dementia – Gail Elliot, DementiAbility; Lisa Loiselle, MAREP; Patti Boucher, AGE; Sharon Stap, PIECES
  • New Team Roles & Team Member Perspectives – Cadin Forrest, Village of Aspen Lake
  • Resident & Family Member Perspectives – David Kent, Village of Erin Meadows; Dee Lender & Sharron Cooke, OARC; Lorraine Purdon, FCO
  • Senior Leadership Perspectives – Colleen Laing, Chartwell; Joanne Dykeman, Sienna; Wendy Gilmour, Revera
  • Administration Perspectives – Jackie Maxwell, OMNI; Tanya Pol, McCormick Home
  • Square of Care Game Mini-Workshop – Val Fiset, Algonquin College