Spirituality and Aging Seminar 2020

June 19, 2020

Embodying hope, faith and playfulness in caregiving: Practical and spiritual resources for a complicated vocation

We have all heard both comments portraying caregiving as a depressing burden and stories suggesting that caregiving is a spiritual experience leading to increased growth and happiness. Surely our beliefs about giving care influence how we navigate its challenges. But what to believe? How can we sort out these differing visions without being lost in either pessimism or idealism?

Join the discussion at this one-day seminar with Janet Ramsey, PhD, MDiv. The morning session will focus on how resiliency—reflected in narratives of spiritual community, emotional maturity, and healthy interpersonal relationships—can impact our experience as caregivers. The afternoon session with explore implications for spiritual resiliency in situations of specific need, such as accompanying those with dementia and working toward forgiveness in broken relationships.

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