Linda’s Story

30 years ago, as a practicing family physician, I became aware of the magnitude of suffering endured by older adults experiencing memory loss.

As a way to help my patients, and also support my colleagues, I began my own journey to start a new approach to dementia care, called Primary Care Memory Clinics. These clinics provide continuing, comprehensive care close to home and rooted in primary care practice. We connect patients and families to the community and specialist supports they might need. With your loved ones, you know when something is wrong, and you are afraid. Our Memory Clinics provide support based on each persons’ unique needs.

With every visit, we measure not just cognition and general health, but also what supports the patient needs and we talk about caregiver stress and how the family is feeling. What started as one Memory Clinic has already grown to over 100 clinics across Ontario. With continued support, we want to spread and scale Memory Clinics even further to help even more people.

Linda Lee is the Schlegel Chair in Primary Care for Elders and her work has led to spread of over 100 Memory Clinics across Ontario.