The Battle of Dementia

Dementia is like a war in your brain,

except this battle never ends,

you can try and stop it,

but nothing works.

Dementia is like a soccer game,

and the other team is unbeatable,

the ball just keeps getting kicked around,

until you give up.

Dementia is like trying to start a car in the winter,

that refuses to turn on,

you can try , and try for hours,

but you won’t go anywhere.

Dementia is like a pounding headache,

that won’t go away,

you can try taking pain-killers,

but it doesn’t help at all.

Dementia is like a merry-go-round,

that never stops spinning,

you can try to get off,

but it’s impossible.

Dementia is like driving somewhere new,

but you get lost,

you can look at every map,

but you can’t find your way

Dementia is like watching the same episode,

over and over and over again,

you can try and turn the tv off,

but the buttons broken.

Dementia is like battle ground,

No one ever wins.

You always lose.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.