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Woman hugs her mother. Text over image reads: LIVING the Dementia Journey is an award-winning, evidence-informed training program for those who support people living with dementia.

LIVING the Dementia Journey (LDJ) is an award-winning, evidence-informed training program for those who support people living with dementia. Participants gain awareness and understanding that changes not only the way they view dementia, but the way they support people living with it.

The LDJ program:

  • Increases understanding of dementia and provides a new perspective on the experience of living with it
  • Applies a person-centred approach to provide individualized support
  • Enhances skills in relationship-building to support individuals with compassion and respect
  • Shares strategies to recognize, interpret, and respond to personal expressions (behaviours)
  • Addresses ways to tackle boredom, loneliness, and helplessness by creating opportunities for meaning, purpose and growth

The program emphasizes the importance of shifting care and services to focus on a person’s strengths and abilities, and how each person can be supported in living life to the fullest. LDJ was created in collaboration with people living with dementia and their care partners. It provides a fresh perspective on dementia care and support based on real life experiences.

LDJ Modules

The LDJ program has six core modules:

  • LEARNING about the experience of dementia
  • IMPROVING personal well-being
  • VALIDATING and honouring each person in the moment
  • INTERPRETING personal expressions, actions and reactions
  • NURTURING all relationships
  • GREETING each day as an opportunity for meaning, purpose and growth

Learn more about the LDJ and the topics covered in each module here

LDJ Workshops

LDJ has two options for learners:

  • Overview workshop: For community members, family care partners, team members at home care/service organizations, and those providing support at long-term care and retirement homes.
  • Train-the-trainer workshop: For organizations interested in building capacity to train and support their teams.

Learn more about upcoming workshops here.

LDJ Facilitators

Please note that there is a NEW LDJ Facilitator Portal this year! The portal has a new look and has been enhanced to create a better user experience. In addition to the existing materials, you will find additional resources to support facilitation, and have easy access to Community of Practice minutes and recordings. Click here to access.

Contact Us

To contact the LDJ team, send us an email at

LDJ makes the difference

“It’s been next to a miracle for me. All the things they’re teaching me now I went through not knowing what I was going through. It’s opening my eyes; I wish I had known it years ago.”

Family member of person living with dementia

“Our team members are very mindful of the language they’re using and it has improved maybe 80%. I’m not hearing any of the language that you used to associate with long-term care. It’s much softer and more respectful.”

Team member, retirement and long-term care

“I love that the content is developed by persons living with dementia. And that this training is made for everyone.”

Program participant

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