(Fictional Profile)

Age: Around 11 years old.

Movie Title & Year of Release: Kick-Ass (2010)

How long have you been a Young Carer? My mom died of a drug overdose while my dad was in prison, so at first I lived with my guardian Marcus. When I was about three or four years old though my dad came back into my life and that’s when I became a Young Carer.

Who do you care for and how? I care for my dad. I am the one who remembers to feed us both, and while he makes sure I can defend myself I look after the rest.

How has being a Young Carer affected your life? Ever since my dad was falsely accused and convicted of being a drug lord, he has wanted vengeance. His obsession led him to train me in various weaponry and defensive skills so I could be his superhero sidekick. I didn’t go to school, and my whole life revolved around his quest.

What is your favourite activity? My major interests involve collecting and learning how to use different kinds of weapons because it is pretty much all I have ever known.

(This movie is rated 18A due to extreme violence)