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A timely defense against COVID-19

Sep 27, 2023 | COVID-19, Research

Navigating through the seemingly endless challenges presented by COVID-19, studies like COVID in LTC are paving the way for a more informed approach for older adults in senior living settings. 

Co-led by Andrew Costa, Schlegel Research Chair in Clinical Epidemiology and Aging, and Dawn Bowdish, Associate Professor at McMaster University and a Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity, the COVID in LTC study unveils the importance of the timing of vaccinations in maintaining immunity.

The study provides pivotal evidence that immunity wanes over time, and optimal immunity is achieved one month after a booster dose, emphasizing the significance of timely vaccinations over the number of doses received. This insight is particularly crucial for the vulnerable residents in senior living homes, as well as those who visit and work with them.

To disseminate this valuable insight, the RIA partnered with McMaster University to create a short video encouraging Canadians to receive their booster dose just before the next expected wave of the virus rises, which will be this Fall.  This video will be shown throughout Ontario long-term care homes, as well as in family health offices across Ontario. It will also be shared on social media accounts of many Ontario health-based partner organizations. 

By translating this crucial, evidence-based research into practice, we can protect not only ourselves and our loved ones, but also the most vulnerable among us.

The research was funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force and was completed in partnership with McMaster University and the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging. You can find out more about the study at

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