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Announcing One Day: Person-Centred Culture, Making a Difference Every Day

Sep 20, 2023 | Culture Change, Media

One day in a resident’s life. 

One day, we will all be older. 

One day, a person-centred approach will be how older adults everywhere are cared for.

Each of these statements inspired the newly developed One Day virtual workshop, an instructor-led eight-hour training focused on building a person-centred culture in senior living settings. 

Co-designed with people living and working in senior living settings, in addition to subject matter experts in education, facilitation and culture change, this unique course integrates the experiences and expertise of many to create a more impactful learning journey. 

“By highlighting resident’s perspectives and insights, we were able to build a more authentic and relevant course,” says Lisa Hughes, Education Manager at the RIA. “Their insights shaped not only the content but also the way we deliver the material, ensuring that it resonates with the very people it aims to serve.”

Designed for those who work with older adults in senior living settings, this interactive training empowers team members to champion a person-centred care approach during every interaction with a resident throughout the day – from morning routines to mealtimes, and every moment in between. It’s not just about learning; it’s about inspiring action and fostering change through tools that can be implemented immediately.

Learn more about enhancing life for older adults with One Day.

Interested in booking a session for your team? Connect with Kristie Kimmett, engagement manager:

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