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GeriMedRisk supports primary care for older adults

Aug 27, 2018 | Impact Stories

I’m a geriatrician, internist and clinical pharmacologist who is proud to be collaborating on the GeriMedRisk program. Simply put, it’s a support system for doctors, pharmacists and nurse practitioners who have questions regarding medications as it relates to the health of their older adult patient.

The goal is to improve wellbeing, and when possible, prevent medication interactions. When an older adult is dealing with 6 or 7 different conditions, some memory or mood problems, and they are on 30 different medications, it’s critically important for their medical team to know where to turn with specific questions.

GeriMedRisk is a team of specialists from geriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology, pharmacy, and geriatric psychiatry who also have a background in research. We support doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and the whole care team involved in an older adult’s care and together, we are transforming the way we deliver primary care. This project started humbly in the basement of the RIA and we would not be where we are today without the generosity of the RIA and our network of partners. We’re growing and serving more clinicians, and in turn helping more patients. The RIA expansion will allow us to have space where we can collaborate on consults with our growing number of specialists, and provide more education to medical residents in training.

Joanne Ho is a Schlegel Clinical Research Scientist and her GeriMedRisk program is changing the way clinicians support their patients.

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