New research funding explores bone health and fracture prevention in older men

August 16, 2021

It is a myth that osteoporosis is a women’s disease. Over one-third of osteoporosis-related fractures happen in men, and the large majority don’t receive proper screening and treatment. Newly funded research from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research will explore whether a combination of medication, exercise and nutrition education strategies can reduce fracture risk in men.

Schlegel Research Chairs Lora Giangregorio and Heather Keller are part of a research team led by Suzanne Morin at McGill University. Men over the age of 60 who are at risk for fractures will receive tailored treatment through telehealth. The treatment includes strength and balance training, nutrition counselling and medication if appropriate. The researchers will compare whether the enhanced treatment reduces falls and fracture risk compared to those receiving standard treatment.

The results of this research will help inform national guidelines for osteoporosis treatment in men. 

Congratulations to the research team on this important new project!