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New research underscores the value of MINT Memory Clinics in alleviating health-care pressures

Sep 27, 2023 | Impact Stories

A new study exploring the cost-effectiveness analysis of MINT Memory Clinics has found a net cost savings of $51,500 per patient, compared to those in Ontario without the service, with improvement in quality of life for those living with dementia.

The study, titled “Cost-utility analysis of a multispecialty interprofessional team dementia care model in Ontario, Canada,” was published in BMJ Open and underscores the potential of MINT to alleviate the strain on Ontario’s healthcare system and improve the quality of care for those living with dementia by offering family doctors improved access to expertise and care.

“This study is significant because it demonstrated that the MINT model is associated with reduced cost AND with improved quality of life for those living with dementia,”
explains Dr. Linda Lee, founder of MINT Memory Clinics, Schlegel Chair in Primary Care for Elders.

As of yet, no other Canadian dementia care intervention in primary care has shown these outcomes. The MINT (multispecialty, interprofessional team) Memory Clinic model has grown to more than 100 clinics across Canada. The MINT team is seeking funding to open additional MINT clinics and expand the services of existing clinics to neighbouring communities.
“Funding support for MINT Memory Clinics will allow us to build a system that will save money, reduce the pressures on the healthcare system, and improve quality of life. The status quo cannot meet the needs of our aging population,” says Dr. Lee.
The study was led by health economist William W. L. Wong (University of Waterloo) with Dr. Linda Lee and co-authors Andrew Costa (Schlegel Research Chair in Clinical Epidemiology), Dr. Samir Sinha (Director of Health Policy Research at the National Institute on Ageing), and Tejal Patel (Schlegel Specialist in Medication Management and Aging).

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