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Our donors drive our impact

Sep 27, 2023 | General

A legacy of participation and giving

It started with a simple research participation certificate.

The certificate arrived in the mail shortly before Kerry Townson’s mother passed away in 2015. As a resident of a retirement home in Kitchener, Ontario, Joyce Townson participated in an RIA research project that focused on blood flow and balance. Research students visited her regularly to test her balance and complete a questionnaire. Joyce loved working with the young students, and giving back through research in her final years meant a great deal to her.

The certificate was the simple acknowledgement that inspired her daughter Kerry to begin giving to the RIA. She continues to give today in honour of her parents. Her mom, Joyce, was a hairdressing teacher with artistic talent who loved crafts, fashion and, jewelry. Her dad, Don, was a vital and outgoing accountant who worked until he was 85. He passed away in 2013. Kerry remembers them both with much love.

A retired psychology professor, Kerry remains an active volunteer. Among her many roles, she participates in a research study on osteoporosis, studies proper nutrition, and assists with caregiving to older relatives.

As an older adult, Kerry believes that we should strive to live as well as we can for as long as we can. She firmly believes in the importance of RIA research and the many ways research findings can be used to tackle issues faced by an aging population.

According to Kerry, “Research can make us more aware of what being healthy means, and what we can do to stay healthy as we age.” The RIA is grateful to Kerry for her generous support and her commitment to aging research and its application in real-world settings.

Thank you to all donors who support the mission to enhance the quality of life and care of older adults. Because of you, the way we age in Canada is changing.

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