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Using technology for a better understanding of sleep

Sleep is an essential part of health and well-being – it helps with cognition, mitigates depression and boosts the immune system. Age can impact sleep, and for older adults who live with dementia, sleep can become even more disrupted. Researchers at the RIA are...

RIA Annual Report 2019

We are proud to present the 2019 RIA Annual Report, which is now available online. Through research and innovation, our work improves the lives of older adults in Ontario – and around the world. Learn how our work is bridging the gap in a variety of fields and topics....

International project will improve dementia diagnosis and post-diagnosis experience

There are too often significant gaps during and after a dementia diagnosis. On top of long wait-times to have testing done in the first place, family and care partners are often left in the dark about what their diagnosis is and where they can turn for help...

Filling the gap in information to improve spiritual care

There is no shortage of data when it comes to long-term care. Many researchers are conducting studies and compiling data sets across Ontario and Canada hoping to find patterns and new innovations from the information they collect. However, there is an area where there...

Bringing different generations together for health, well-being and understanding

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many issues to light as we all work hard to stay connected while practicing physical distancing. It’s become clear that many older adults in our communities are socially isolated, and have felt that way since long before the pandemic...

Expect the unexpected

Written by Jane Kuepfer, Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging. When asked a few months ago what advice they would give about aging, a group of seniors responded, “Expect the unexpected.” That advice is relevant to all of us this spring! In later life it...
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