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RIA launches new five-year strategic plan aimed at global impact

Apr 24, 2024 | Media, RIA Announcements

Waterloo, ON – April 24, 2024 – The RIA has released its comprehensive five-year strategic plan, aimed at expanding the boundaries of knowledge and innovation to enable successful aging for all.

The plan is the result of a two-year comprehensive consultation that included input from researchers, staff, community partners, and older adults. The feedback, ideas, and insights helped inform the new strategic direction and priorities. 

The strategic plan outlines the organizational vision and goals until March 31, 2029, including four key priorities that will bolster the RIA’s existing mission and equip researchers and staff to respond to the needs of current and future generations with innovative solutions. We will advance research, fuel evidence, mobilize knowledge and strengthen capacity, to pave the way to a more age-friendly world where older adults can fully participate and enjoy life to the fullest. 

“We know aging is a multifaceted issue and requires a holistic approach that considers the whole person,” said Tina Mah, executive director, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging. “We are committed to working collaboratively to co-design solutions for our local and global communities. This strategy ensures we will continue to meet real needs and address the pressing issues of today, while preparing for the challenges ahead.”

The strategic plan focuses on four key priorities:
  • Advanced Research – advance interdisciplinary research to tackle the needs of current and future generations of older adults. We will facilitate a team-based approach to interdisciplinary research that will enhance the autonomy independence, and well-being of older adults.
  • Fuel Evidence – develop impactful programs and resources that will incubate, accelerate, and mobilize evidence to practice. We will harness the art and science of co-design to ensure the voices of older adults and care partners are included in our research and programs. We will rigorously evaluate under real-world conditions to effectively and reliably advise practice change. We will grow our unique living research environment to reflect a dynamic landscape.
  • Mobilize Knowledge – proactively exchange knowledge to inform policy and care that elevates the quality of life of older adults. We will mobilize evidence-informed resources, education, and training to respond to the current and forecasted needs of older adults. We will expand our reach and influence through engagement in local, national, and international networks.
  • Strengthen Capacity – strengthen organizational capacity to ensure the sustainability of our efforts and thriving community partnerships. We will ensure active engagement and partnerships with our community that draw in champions of our mission. We will build a resilient and responsive organizational culture to support our growth and reach.

Visit to explore the strategic plan.

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