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Culture Change Coaching

Topics: Culture Change, Dementia, Workforce Development

Our Process

1. Contact us

Fill in the form below (or email and let us know who you are. Here’s what happens next:

2. Discovery

A free 1 hour call with our Culture Change coaches. This is where we will get to know you, your team and your organization – we’ll ask you a lot of questions to help understand your needs. If we can support you, we’ll send a proposal with suggested next steps.

3. Proposal

Our team will send a proposal with recommended next steps. This might include a workshop from our culture change library, a custom event, a meeting with our research team or a set of resources.

4. Delivery

Our Culture Change coaches will work with you and your team to deliver your program. We can do this virtually or in-person, and will provide plenty of support along the way.

5. Ongoing Support

Congratulations! As part of the community committed to changing the culture of aging in Canada, we’ll be in touch on a regular basis with new resources, information and education from the RIA that will support you on our culture change journey.

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Our Most Popular Workshops

If this doesn’t look like what you are looking for, that’s ok! We offer Customized workshops and education based on your specific needs.

Workshop Title Description Workshop Duration Offered Virtually or In-person
Facilitators of Change Assessment The Facilitators of Change Assessment is a popular first step for homes. This is an organization-wide survey that provides a ‘temperature check’ on a variety of culture change measurements. This is not a typical staff satisfaction survey – we use validated research tools to capture your team’s familiarity with a variety of key topics and include resident and family members in the feedback process.
Culture Change for Teams
  • Introduce principles of culture change
  • Raise awareness and engage team members in collaborative reflection
  • Start talking about your home’s culture, strengths and opportunities to make a positive change
1-day introductory workshop focusing on ‘everything culture change’ checkmark
Leadership Principles
  • Introduce principles of transformational leadership that support culture change
  • Recognize the difference between ‘management’ and ‘leadership’
  • Create a forum for candid conversation about the organization’s readiness to make sustainable change
  • Identify ways that leaders can continue to build trusting relationships with their teams
1-day workshop for your home’s leadership team checkmark
Appreciative Inquiry – What is working well?
  • Introduce the “4 D’s” of the AI model – Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny
  • Establish your home’s unique culture change aspirations
  • Develop an operational plan based on collaboration and priority-setting exercises.
1 or 2-day workshop introducing teams to the Appreciative Inquiry model checkmark
CHOICE+ – Making the Most of Mealtimes Workshop This dining room is a common pain point for homes.

  • Provides an overview of CHOICE+ and its six guiding Principles (link to page)
  • How to identify areas of focus and engage your team to make change
  • Develop an improvement plan, measure success and create ongoing goals.
This 1-day workshop is for dietary leaders and teams who want to improve the mealtime experience for residents, team members and families. checkmark
One Day Workshop Explore “a day in the life” through the lens of people living and working in care settings.

  • A person-centred care approach through daily routines, clinical care, meal times and leisure.
  • Reflection and change management tools to inspire participants
  • Consider diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence and ageism in the approach to care
This 1-day workshop is for new and experienced team members checkmark
Culture Change ECHO Project ECHO Culture Change is a chance to connect virtually with leaders in senior care settings and other organizations who are on the journey towards a more social model of care. Join this unique “All Teach, All Learn” community. Launching September 13! Join ECHO Culture Change


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Program Team

  • Michelle Stillman, Senior Director, Programs and Impact
  • Kristie Kimmett, Engagement Manager

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