Neighbourhood Team Development: An Evaluation

Neighbourhood Team Development (NTD) is an education program that empowers teams to work more closely together to put living first in long-term care neighbourhoods at Schlegel Villages. The evaluation of the program will help to determine what is working well and what can be improved for the future.

Project Status: Complete

Project Description

The NTD program is used in all Schlegel Villages to provide training and education for team members. The research team conducted interviews, surveys, and looked at village-wide data to determine if the program was leading to positive outcomes for residents and team members. This study was the first of its kind to gather a wide variety of information to examine the relationship between resident-centred models of living and care and quality of life outcomes. The results of this study help us to better understand the ways in which resident-centred models of living can improve quality of life and lead to the development of a supportive community where everyone thrives.

Project Team

Veronique Boscart - Principal Investigator
Dana Houle - SV Team Member
Lauren Markovic - SV Team Member
Wendy Balenzano - SV Team Member
Melissa Cantarutti - SV Team Member
Brooke Nelson - SV Team Member
Ashley d'Alessandro - SV Team Member
Pauline Dell'Oso - SV Team Member
Katelyn Joseph - SV Team Member
Semone Linton - SV Team Member
Zoie Mohammed - SV Team Member
Faustina Andrews - SV Team Member
Rosa Serrano - SV Team Member
Jo-Anna Gurd - SV Team Member
Nick Chambers - SV Team Member
Ripu Mangat - SV Team Member
Luis Franco - SV Team Member
Meaghan Zehr - Research Assistant
Cassondra McCrory - Research Assistant
Amy Matharu - Research Assistant
Linda Sheiban Taucar - Research Assistant
Kelsey Huson - Collaborator
Josie d'Avernas - Collaborator
Susan Brown - Collaborator

Research Topics