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Danielle Greaves


Research Scientist

Space Research Manager

Kinesiology and Health Sciences
University of Waterloo

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Danielle is a cardiovascular physiologist & ultrasound sonographer with an excellent record of implementing payloads for the Canadian Space Agency, French Space Agency and NASA. She has served as a Manager, Project Lead and Co-investigator. Danielle has been doing research on astronauts since NASA Expedition 15 and continues currently. Her specialty is on-console Mission Control operations: Danielle teleoperates the ultrasound ECHO device on the International Space Station. She simultaneously voice-guides the crewmembers through their ultrasound scans while they are in space. Danielle has strong expertise performing cardiovascular research while the participants are in space, in a space analog (bed rest, dry immersion) and also in marine/open ocean environments. The majority of her career publications are devoted to spaceflight and cardiovascular physiology.

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