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Lora Giangregorio


Schlegel Research Chair in Mobility and Aging


Kinesiology and Health Sciences
University of Waterloo

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As we get older, we lose muscle and bone, we become less active, and some people develop a bone disease called osteoporosis. Osteoporotic fractures can be the reason a person can no longer live in their own home. They cause pain and disability, and are more common than heart attack, breast cancer and stroke combined. We know that exercise can prevent falls, and emerging research suggests that it may prevent bone loss. However, people who already have osteoporosis are often afraid of fracturing, and want to know what types of exercise are safe AND effective. We know a lot less about how to guide exercise in people at high risk of fracture. Moreover, inactivity is highly prevalent in older adults – how do we get patients to do the right types and amount of exercise, and to get health care providers to give the right advice? The Bone health and Exercise Science (BonES) lab leads clinical trials and guidelines, and collaborative work with patients and health care providers to answer these questions. The BonES lab can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

Research Topics:

  • Mobility
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