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At the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA), we work collaboratively with researchers, industry experts, organizations, and community members on research projects that focus on advancing our understanding of aging, and support the development of new approaches, tools, and education that will improve the quality of life and care for older adults everywhere.

Dementia Resouces for Eating, Activity and Meaningful Inclusion

The Dementia Resources for Eating, Activity and Meaningful Inclusion (DREAM) research project started in 2020 with a vision to improve the number, quality, and...Read More

Dementia-Inclusive Choices for Exercise

Research shows that people living with dementia can experience improvements in cognition, physical fitness, and functional independence with exercise. However, they also experience many...Read More

Developing a suite of virtual reality ExerGames to support residents in long-term care and retirement living

Exercise is increasingly recognized as an effective preventative and therapeutic strategy for dementia. Aerobic and strength training improve balance, mobility, falls risk, and daily...Read More

Development of the Primary Care Provider Quality Score in Long-term care

Medical care in long-term care (LTC) homes requires a team of competent care providers to manage frail, vulnerable elders. Presently, there are no quality...Read More

Digital Storytelling with Older Adults using 3D Virtual Exhibits

Everyone has a story to tell and it’s important those stories continue on after a family member has passed.

The Digital Storytelling with Older...Read More

Dining in long-term care and assisted living: Stakeholder perspectives

Meals and dining in long-term care and retirement homes are important for resident quality of life. Residents look forward to eating in a dining...Read More

Experiences of recreation team members during COVID-19

The roles for many recreation teams in long-term care and retirement settings changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. With recreation team members being called upon...Read More

Exploring end-of-life nutrition care for residents of long-term care: A retrospective chart review

This study explores the intersection of nutrition care and end-of-life decline among long-term care residents. Challenges with eating and nutrition can cause stress for...Read More

Exploring the efficacy of portable lift-assist devices relative to large mechanical lifts to lift fallen residents

The purpose of this project is to determine if emerging portable lift-assist technologies provide a viable solution to address care partners concerns and limitations...Read More

Finding the optimal resistance training intensity for your bones: A randomized controlled trial

The Finding optimal resistance training intensity for your bones: A randomized controlled trial (FORTIFY Bones) research project examines whether strength training can increase bone...Read More

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