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At the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging (RIA), we work collaboratively with researchers, industry experts, organizations, and community members on research projects that focus on advancing our understanding of aging, and support the development of new approaches, tools, and education that will improve the quality of life and care for older adults everywhere.

Hydration Vessel Study

Older adults living in retirement homes and long-term care are often at risk of dehydration, largely because they don’t drink enough water and other...Read More

Influence of COVID-19 Restrictions on Physical Activity Levels of Older Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in physical activity restrictions for older adults living in long-term care and retirement homes and in the community. To date,...Read More

Injury-Prevention Safety Flooring User Experience Study

In laboratory settings, safety flooring reduces the impacts of falls without affecting balance and mobility. This project tests safety flooring in 5 retirement suites...Read More

Intergenerational Jamboree

Intergenerational programming has shown incredible promise for creating social and emotional connections between younger and older people, improving well-being in participants, breaking down stereotypes,...Read More

Making the Most of Mealtimes

Making the Most of Mealtimes was the largest research project of its kind to explore food and nutrition in long-term care homes, and the...Read More

MeetMe App

The MeetMe research project focused on the development of a website designed to help care partners build natural connections with residents in long-term care...Read More


We’ve read it a million times – exercise is good for us. As we age it becomes even more important because exercise can improve...Read More

MoveStrong at Home

Sufficient muscle strength helps you to get out of a chair, can prevent falls and reduce the likelihood of becoming frail. Exercise helps to...Read More

Nursing Perspectives on interRAI Tool Education

This study collected nurses’ feedback on an online education module that provides information about interRAI, a suite of standardized assessment tools that can be...Read More

Nutrition in Disguise

Nutrition is important at every age, but older adults don’t always get the nutrients they need. This Nutrition in Disguise research project explored strategies...Read More

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