Supporting comfort and belonging for people living with dementia
  • Care Team Development
  • Dementia

The Supporting Comfort and Belonging for People Living with Dementia guide was created to support team members in assessing senior living environments and identify opportunities to create a sense of comfort, safety, nad belonging for people living with dementia, particularly those who repeatedly try to exit. This guide can be used in all living environments, whether people living with dementia are living separately or alongside people without dementia and in either secured or unsecured living areas.

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The Living Classroom: Shared Learning Environments in Long-Term Care. The Living Classroom Implementation Guide for Colleges and Long-Term Care Homes
  • Workforce Development

The Living Classroom is a partnership model that integrates education into long-term care and/or retirement homes to support workforce development in senior living. Students, faculty, and those living, visiting, and working in the home engage in a culture of shared learning. The model was first implemented in Ontario through a partnership with Conestoga College, the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, and Schlegel Villages. The Living Classrom Implementation Guide provides information and tools for long-term care and retiremenet homes, and post-secondary students that have an interest in working together to create shared learning environments for personal support worker (PSW) education and workforce development.

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Virtual Music Therapy Visits in Long-term Care Implementation Guide
  • Arts
  • Care Team Development

The Virtual Music Therapy Visits in Long-Term Care and Implementation Guide was designed for professionals who support older adults living in long-term care homes, who wish to offer Virtual Music Therapy Visiting Opportunities to their residents. The guide provides steps to get started and successful implement Virtual Music Therapy Visits in your home.

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