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We believe that when LIVING is first, everyone thrives. Culture change coaches from the RIA will guide your senior living organization on a culture change journey to build on existing strengths, shift the focus to person-centred care and put LIVING first.

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Why Culture Change?

At the RIA, we are innovation catalysts.  We bring together experts and those with lived experience to explore new ways of doing things. That’s how we developed this program – collaborating with researchers and residents, team members and leadership in long-term care and retirement homes. We believe that when LIVING is first, everyone thrives.

Research shows that culture change improves staff retention and the quality of life for team members and residents in long-term care and retirement homes. 

What is Culture Change?

Culture change is a social movement to transform long-term care and retirement living towards person-centred and person-directed values and practices, where the voices of older adults and those working with them are considered and respected.  Changing the culture of aging involves broadening our attention from focusing solely on the medical needs of residents to a more holistic approach that includes supporting aspects of life that bring joy, meaning and purpose.

“Working with the Research Institute for Aging team has really opened my eyes to how I want to be with my residents at work and how I want to really help them make the most of their day and live to their full potential.” (Team Member)

Your Culture Change Journey

Culture change coaches from the RIA will guide your organization on a culture change journey through a series of workshops designed to fit your specific needs and build on your existing strengths.

This tailored approach will help you:

  • identify strengths and opportunities for growth and change
  • bring all levels of the organization together to develop a shared commitment
  • make change possible and lasting

Through your culture change journey, you can expect to see:

  • increased resident and staff satisfaction and engagement
  • increased team collaboration and innovation
  • improved scores on quality of life indicators

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