Having the Conversation

Having the Conversation is for adult children and close friends of older adults to help guide conversations around later-life care planning.

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As people get older, they need to think about their health and the steps they need to take to maintain their independence. Later-life care planning is the process of planning ahead for the later years in life when daily activities become more of a challenge. For adult children of older adults, later-life care planning means finding out what their parents would prefer, and where and how they would like to live as they age.
This guide is for adult children and close friends of older adults, and answers many questions that typically arise when planning for later-life. The information is based on in-depth research with older adults who live both independently and in retirement and long-term care homes. It is also based on research with adult children, and health care professionals and administrators who have had experience working with older adults.

Topics covered in the guide:

  • Why talk about later-life care?
  • When should families start talking about later-life care?
  • How can families start the conversation?
  • Who should bring it up?
  • What are the options for later-life care?
  • Where can families get the information they need?

Date created: 2012


RIA with contributions from Dr. Paul Stolee and Dr. Christine Zaza.