Supporting Indigenous Culture

Ontario’s Indigenous people have unique cultural requirements that must be supported by health care, including long-term care. This report summarizes the findings from a needs assessment to explore strategies to better support Ontario’s Indigenous people in long-term care homes.

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As providers of person-centred care, long-term care homes must recognize and support the culture of their residents. To help the sector learn about the approaches other homes have used, and to understand the types of challenges homes have faced, the Ontario CLRI spent several months gathering evidence and experiences from around the province.

The project team worked closely with multiple stakeholders and advisory groups, and conducted a literature review. Learnings will help guide future work including the development of tools and resources to support Indigenous culture in long-term care, and to scale-up existing, successful practices. The report summarizes the findings of this work.

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Date created: 2017


Sue Cragg Consulting and the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care

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