What have you always wanted to know about aging? Now is your chance to ask!

RIA researchers are here to answer older adults questions about aging on a variety of topics. From technology to nutrition to dementia, older adults are encouraged to submit their questions which will be answered in our latest video series.

What types of questions should I ask?

 You can ask anything you want to know about any of our research topics that come to mind. These topic areas include Arts, Cardiovascular Health, Care Team Development, Dementia, Food and Nutrition, Health Systems, Medication, Mobility, Spirituality and Technology. Here are some example questions: 

  • How is spirituality different than religion?
  • What are the best ways to stay creative as we age?
  • What technology is available to help me stay connected to family?
  • How does healthy eating support aging?

Where can I see the videos?

Questions will be answered in two series of videos: RIA Research Break and RIA Research Minute. You can find these videos posted on the RIA YouTube Channel.  

Click here to submit your questions.