Next Steps for the Canadian culture change movement

Culture change leaders from across Canada, the United States and Australia gathered in Edmonton, Alberta last March following the second Walk with Me conference to identify areas of focus for the culture change movement.

It was agreed that “living fully”, rather than “aging well” should be the goal of the movement. The panel then discussed barriers that prevent us from living fully as we age.

Three themes emerged from the discussion: marginalization/segregation of older persons from the community; the prevailing view of aging as a medical condition and as a deficit; and the negative stereotyping of older persons as lesser-than their previous selves.

Potential strategies to advance the culture change movement in Canada over the next two to three years were discussed and four areas of focus and next steps were determined.

The white paper from the 2016 Walk with Me post-conference event:

  • Defines culture change and its values in the Canadian context;
  • Summarizes the meeting, discussion and recommendations for advancing culture in Canada
  • Summarizes next steps, including delivering the 3rd Walk With Me conference in Niagara Falls, ON on March 5-6, 2018
  • . . . and much more

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